Luau at Chateau Bianca Winery - July 17th, 1999

This was the fifth annual Luau at Chateau Bianca.

A guy with a camera that I want.
Old style Hawaiian hula dance, with post-missionary clothing.
More of the same dance.
Kylie and T, fascinated by the dancers. (Well, Kylie was, anyway.)
Modern Hula.
Kylie likes the champagne bottle.
Kylie REALLY likes that champagne.
The audience gets to hula, including Val (3rd from left in the back row.)
Val works on her form, and Kylie looks like she wants to help.
Everybody seems to be doing their own private dance.
Wow, I think they're getting it! Kylie thinks so too.
Kylie gets more involved.
Some other polynesian dance.
Some other polynesian dance.
Kylie hides, Craig sunscreens his frog.
Family portrait: T, Kylie and Craig.
The Curly Shuffle, Hawaiian style.
More Curly Shuffle.
Kylie be cool.
Kylie be cool, Mom be goofy.
They're STILL doing the Curly Shuffle.
Aren't they done yet?
Kylie makes some new friends.
Yet another Polynesian dance.
More of the same.
Kylie attempts to escape.
Thwarted again!
Still more Polynesian dance.
Playing with the Poi balls.
More Poi balls.
Cruising with the Poi balls.
T abuses herself with a Poi ball, Kylie helps.
Kylie is VERY helpful.
T is really getting the hang of self flagellation.
T plays hide the Poi ball.
A little more serious with the Poi balls.
Poi ball flambe
More inflammable action.
Don't do this at home!
Fun with flaming cutlery.
The dancer demonstrates the flame retardance of her clothing.
A little twirly action.
More twirly action.
More twirly action.
Getting a little air.
Nice catch.
Bianca giving stuff away.
Bianca hams it up.
More hula.
Still more hula.
Yet another random Polynesian dance.
Who is this bozo?
Shake that booty.
Shake that booty.
Somebody is clearly having too much fun.