New Years Eve at House Daos - December 31st, 2002

Once again we went to the House Daos New Years Eve party. It was awesome. They spent a lot of time on the house decorations. Now that it's too late, I wish I had taken more pictures of the house.

Val hobnobs with the xmas Cthulu
Val shows off her face paint
Val shows off her face paint
Pug and a flapper whose name escapes me
Cthulu parties with the best of us
Awesome costumes!
The stairway to debauchery
The party from above
Random party action
More revelry - Wendy and Ed in upper left, Eden is in the upper right
Late arrivals: Kent & Cary
A gargoyle guards (and spews) mulled wine
The obligatory crowded kitchen picture
A lovely waif with a blood red martini
Dancing - Cary and Val are on the left
This was an awesome costume - too bad the picture sucks
Note where the good doctors wig has gone
The Swamp Thing does some pole work
A champagne flute of blood - yum!
Bigtoad looks more like a Bigcat today
Cthulu gets fondled on the dance floor
Cary's sis with Cary
Another great costume
Swamp Thing makes his move
I'm not sure what this is, but it looks cool
Awww, isn't that sweet?
Val's contacts glowed slightly in the black light
Cthulu gets friendly
Another fun pair of costumes
Party on!
Party on, take two
Friendly folks in the smoking area
Friendly folks in the smoking area
Pug, Kent, Cary and Val in the lower left
Pug again
Wow, she's hot! She fogged the camera right up
More foggery - Val in front
One of the hosts hands out the good stuff
A taste of green goo, my lady?
The DJ is entertained
Yet another great costume
More fun in the smoking area
Mesmerizing, isn't she?
Scuba-guy prepares the green goo dispenser
Tentacles are always popular
Green goo is dispensed
The pixie gets another hit of the green stuff
Green goo all around
Another willing victim
Some people weren't so willing...
...but were easily convinced
The results of the study are in: Happy juice makes people happy
Note the container of the good stuff
My, but those titacles are lovely!
What was I taking a picture of, anyway?
TIme for a wee rest break
Further partying in the main room
Cary and Val get friendly
Etheria and Kent (If I was less senile, I might remember Kent's SCA
How many people without faces can I get into one picture?
Val gets friendly
I have no idea who this is
Same here
He looks guilty of something, no?
Caught in the act!
I see the hair is back where it belongs
I'm not sure what's going on here, but it looks fun