The Mad Librarian's Ball

Pictures from the House Daos New Years Eve party for 2003. The theme was the The Mad Librarians Ball.

More pictures compiled by Absinthe can be seen here.

Scott and Sonya took some pictures too, they're here.

Robb manipulated some images, they're here.

Pics from one of the disposable cameras are here.

Pics from another disposable which was in the Prancing Pony are here.

Death looks for his next victim.
Honor Harrington chats by the fire
Death: "Anyone not in costume deserves to die!"
In the Night Kitchen with Cabin boy Pug and Dr. Jordan
All's quiet in Davy Jones' locker ... for now.
Everyone needs a library elf to guard their books!
Revelers mingle civilly in Cinderella's ballroom - but it's early
The horsemen are late for the millenium celebration.
The horsemen try to save face by looking tough. (and blurry!)
Ronabel and Adam ignore the horsemen and continue their game
Look out for that pendulum!
Did I mention the Horsemen are bikers now?
Eric, Selene, Julia and .. is that Pippi?
Is it midnight yet, Boric?
Hanging out in the witch's kitchen with Jesus and Don Quixote
The rat tries to escape being stewed
The bathroom is looking overgrown
Pan plays in the bath whiloe a fairy looks on
My, what a large card catalogue you have
C'mon, have another drink, Tink!
Pirate Lauriel can drink a Drow under the table any day!
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, looking cute
Eric, Selene and Miss Havisham in the ballroom
Abigail's library
Paul tries to convince Matt to burn the books in the library
Seriously, I didn't hear a thing!
Abigail chats with her Ming friend (?)
Which cup is it in?
Anne Bonney pays her respects to an old friend
Conan looks warily for those "hobbits" the bartenders keep talking about.
The Duchess and her baby
The Mad Hatter
Not the windmill torture!
Conan's nemesis
Anita Blake keeps the hall clear of vampires.
Check out Phedre's cool tattoo!
Has anyone seen Sancho?
Dark elves come into the light for New Years
Bernard is obviously up to something.
The cross works on vampires, Anita, not Jesus
Hobbits standing on the chairs again!
Carrie joins the party looking freshly dead
A vampire (call Anita!), Red, Carrie, and is that ANOTHER pirate?!?
Good day, eh?
Look at all the hobbitses!
I wouldn't make either of these bar wenches angry!
Jesus preaching again
Prof. Bericane and Rapunzel enjoy a breath of fresh air
Story time is over there, in the brig
This could get interesting!
the Drows hobnob with Death on the Pirate ship
Captain Hook locks Pan in with Davy
Edward Gorey was here
The Cat About the Bathroom
Revelers in the library - shhh!
Never trust a pirate as a babysitter!
Phedre hangin' with the Drow
Waiting for the boy to be cooked
Fairies cavorting in the bathroom
Don't waste your bullets, he's already dead!
Hey! Don't shoot the messenger!
Mad Hatter, Hawkeye, and a chick with cool gloves
That's just sick, Algernon!
Eric Draven enters the Starfish realm
Eric Draven in the Night Kitchen
More Hobbitses!!!
"Ten, nine, eight... Happy New year!"
Waiting for the costume contest
Abigail and Rincewind prepare to give out prizes
Bernard and Drizzt congratulate each other
The elf has succeeded in keeping the hobbits from the bar
Did Conan give Dracula a left hook?
Winner, Most Accurate Representation - Honor Harrington
A Tolkien Bestiary goes to:
Captain Hook, Winner - Best Overall Costume
What happens when The Crow meets the Drow?
The awards ceremony concludes
Lookout, Red, he's going to bite you!
O'Brien is watching you
My windmill flies faster than your ship!
No, you can't borrow Cinderella's dress!
Fireman slacking on the job
Broiled boy's feet, anyone?
Now where did his body go?
Candy anyone? You know you want some!
Don't they know a computer search would be quicker?
Drizzt has had enough of this silence!
Phedre shows her face
Good thing Ted's not around!
Looks like the gargoyle has had a good time
The nerve of that fairy!
More curious readers!
Portrait in the Poe room
Pan had too much fun
Pan Cam!
The Mad Chatter looks happy, not mad
Ronabel up to his shoulder in the feelie box
What's for dinner?
I told her I didn't want any candy, but she insisted!
Goat's eye and dead rat... Tasty!
A man in black in the library - how odd.
Look - I can take my head off now!
A biography of the Wright brothers, perhaps?
Ah, the wonders in Abigail's library
Dracula's toupee was really a Shih-Tzu!
All work and no play makes Abigail a dull girl
Don't trust him, Sienna - he's a vampire!
The Mad Hatter lets her hair down
AARRRR!!! Thar be pirates here!
The ballroom is finally used for dancing
Rat tenderloin anyone?
Maybe this isn't a love potion recipe after all
Ahh - these must be the love potion ingredients!
A party isn't complete without a thumping contest
A futile attempt to break up the "fight"
Much fun was had by all!