New Years Eve at House Daos - December 31st, 2006

Pictures from another great House Daos New Years Eve party.

The theme this year was Tim Burton movies. The official title of the party was The Nightmare Before the Giant Sleepy Peach Beetle Attacks Mars with Scissorhands at the Hollow Chocolate New Year's Party!

The most common costume was Pee Wee Herman. I probably should have expected that. I counted somewhere around 10 Pee Wees running around. We're just lucky the event wasn't held in a movie theater.

Sam and Eden
Sam and Eden with Jessica's Tongue
Val makes an excellent Sally
Dusty as Barbara from Mars Attacks!
Dusty's other side
Amber as Willy Wonka
Stu as the Hessian from Sleepy Hollow
Michael as Jack, with Stu
Dusty and Oompah Loompah Devin
Words fail me
Sandworm by Val
Sandworm by Val
Doinita with Amber
Chris sitting with Diana
Oompah Loompah Brew imbibes
Party around the pit
Amber and Doinita again
More partiers
Scott as Oogie Boogie assaults Antion
Oogie Boogie assaults the hedge animals
Oogie Boogie assaults the hedge animals
More partying around the fire pit
Harley Quinn (Jessica) holds court
Harley Quinn (Jessica) holds court
The post-midnight fireworks begin!
Ooooh ..... Aaaaah
(Insert roman candle sound effect here)
Crowd in the back
I should probably throw this out, but it's kind of fun
Bombs bursting in air
Another air burst
More roman candle fun
More roman candle fun
More roman candle fun
Harley Quinn, caught in the act
Sonya is mauled by a Pee Wee
Sonya appears to like it
The aging Edward Scissorhands waits for the water closet
Lots of black on the couch
Tina as Edward Scissorhands, and folks I don't recognize
Amber, Maggie in the background
Willy Wonka is duct taped!
Who would do such a thing?
Aha! Eric, as Pee Wee, acts the part
Michael, partly back from the dead
Devin and Selene (yet another Pee Wee)
Val, Devin and Selene
Val, Devin and Selene
Pee Wee violates Mike's jester hat
Eric, Selene and Amber
Eric, Selene and Amber
Ooompah Loompah's fear Pee Wee (Leighann)
Caleb on the right
Corpse Bride
Still more Pee Wees
Dorian as Willy Wonka with his personal Oompah Loompah
Kyping the decorations
Somebody had way too much fun!