St. Ireny Halloween Party, 2003

Judge Gareth
Judge Gareth and Judge Hawk
Don greets newcomers
Iolair, Christian, Maggie and Ulf's roommate
Val looks hot
Nigel, Lee, Arpad and Val
Christina, Matt, April and Shea
Hell looks damn good
Hell looks even better without the flash
Pug, Michael and Marla
The party continues in hell
The Enron company picnic
Demons (Cory in the middle)
Ted and Tina
Mo and Colin
Kortney and Crystal dance
Brian and April
Peanut gallery
Kortney and Crystal dance
Crystal dips Kortney
Crystal dips Kortney again
Dead bunny, Caleb the pedophile priest
Partiers in the kitchen
Jordan scares me
Val and Eden, yummy
Val and Eden, yummier
Brian the monkey boy
Tools of the trade
Tracy closes her eyes for the camera... again
Eric and Amy
Christina and Tennis the dead bunny
Lauriel, Michael, Ed and Wendy
Lauriel, Michael, Ed and Wendy
Val, Eric and Sonya
Eric with an ice cube on his horn
Conga line
Amie and Christian
Inside the feely box
Inside the feely box
Val and Sean
Kortney, Crystal and Caridoc
Val kisses the dead guy
Torin, Anya, Laura and Devlin
Christian thretens mayhem