Sugar Glider Pics

We no longer own any Sugar Gliders. This is a random collection of pictures taken over several years.
Jazzy on Val's shoulder
Jazzy in explore-mode.
Jazzy seems to like the cell phone.
In fact, Jazzy finds the cell phone to be quite tasty!
Jazzy claims the camera case as her own.
Jazzy demonstrates her climbing ability.
Jazzy is just sure that this funny plastic thing must be edible.
Onyx and Jazzy hangin' in the nest.
Jazzy pretends she is a cooking utensil.
Jazzy, asleep inside Val's shirt.
Jazzy had just been scooped up out of the nest.
Jazzy abuses a jade plant.
Who, me?
Jazzy snacks on top of the nest box.
Jazzy (top) and Onyx hang out with the monkey.
Jazzy (top) and Onyx abuse a candle.
Jazzy (left) and Onyx on the bookcase.
Jazzy or Onyx cruises through the magazine table.
Jazzy enjoys a good book.
Jazzy enjoys several good books.
Two gliders on the head of a pin. (Well, close enough.)
Onyx claims the lego vehicle as her own.
Vlad hanging on the top of the bookcase.
Vlad helps himself to Stu's soda.
Jazzy (top) and Onyx on the cage.
Onyx with the joey hanging on underneath.
Onyx with joey.
Onyx's joey.
Onyx's joey again.
Onyx's joey
Onyx's joey
Onyx's joey
Onyx's joey
JJ's two joeys in Stu's palm
JJ's two joeys in Stu's palm
JJ's two joeys in Stu's palm